About Us

Soic Infinity Solutions International  S.A.E  neww

Although we are a newly established company; multiple projects have been concluded in Egypt Our multidisciplinary portfolio of specializations includes all Glass and Aluminum Works (interior and Exterior Solutions), end with Engineering Training Solutions.

Founded in 2011

Infinity Co. Founded By Mrs. Shaimaa Oleba, after 5 Years of Experience Working as a partner with famous Company specialized in Glass Hardware and Accessories started, since this time we try to be on top without losing a second.

Infinity Started as Individual facility began Works in of all glass Solutions for Interior and Exterior finishes.

in 2015

Infinity Co. was expanded to a Société Anonyme Égyptienne S.A.E company to working in Contracting in General and in particular in Architectural Facades Engineering, Facade Consultancy,   Aluminum, Glass Works and Facade Solutions Within a Corporate with Professional Engineering Consultants Our unique brand of engineers have the capacity to deliver almost the full range of professional engineering services. Those encompass project identification, pre-feasibility/feasibility studies, properties and site appraisals, site selection, design, Implementation and detailed engineering, construction management and supervision, procurement, inspection, quality control and personnel training .

Started Working in Engineering Training Solutions in ( Façade Engineering ).

This Training Not only covering all theoretical issues but also practical issues through our key players in the construction industries. Glass, Aluminum, Stone, Grc,…etc.

Advanced facade engineering diploma Porfolio 4-2016


Became an Exclusive Sales and Marketing for HAZ METAL for Mechanical Fixation 


HAZ Metal A.S. is located in Iskenderun and  German in the southern part of Turkey, based in its own property of 17.000 square meters.

The company provides services in the design and production of fixing systems for facade cladding. Design and manufacturing capabilities cover the area of stone cladding, curtain wall, brick facing walls, raincreen walls and secondary structures. Products such as anchors, framing channels, cast-in channels, support & restraint brackets, anchor bolts and various accessories are among the standard productions at the factory.

The company’s fundamental objective is to assist and advise its clients in choosing the most suitable fixing systems for their requirements and to provide them with quality production and supply with timely deliveries.

The innovative design and production techniques offer practical and economical solutions to solve every possible problem within the scope of fixing applications in facade construction.

As a manufacturer of fixing systems to major projects around the world, HAZ Metal has proven its quality and reliability to its clients. The company enjoys serving the sector and works hard to constantly improve and develop its services.

HAZ Metal is dedicated to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction and is committed to being  constantly in contact with its clients in order to better understand their requirements and to offer the services required for the design and production of fixing systems.

HAZ is recognized globally as international leader in the design and manufacture of adjustable fixing systems and have proven their performance in numerous projects around the world.

Fixing Systems for Facade Cladding HAZ Metal started producing fixing systems in 1993. HAZ Metal today has the technical know how and technology to produce all types of natural stone fixing systems used for ventilated stone facades. HAZ Metal designs and manufactures the following product lines.

  • Stone fixings
  • Sub channel systems
  • Cast in channel systems
  • Framing systems
  • Structural building components
  • Expansion bolts

Steel structures for special application requirements are also designed and produced at HAZ Metal which are tailored to meet project specifications.

Standard and customized production is made to meet the special needs of projects. Products are produced from stainless steel and galvanized steel raw material. Stainless steel grade 1.4301 (AISI 304) & 1.4401 (AISI 316) and galvanized mild steel grade 1.0038 (S235JR) are used in the production of fixing systems.

Quality Standards
HAZ Metal implements EN and ASTM standards in the production of channels. Production is strictly controlled within the tolerances of these standards. All products are produced by its own personnel, applying the latest production methods with modern machinery. The quality control team, under the supervision of a mechanical engineer, is selected from long serving and experienced foremen.
Production is checked during each production step and is compared with the production drawings and specifications. The company is strictly bound to the concept of ISO 9001:2008 and “Total Quality Management” system. A quality assurance system has been set up and is running. It covers the control of each process in manufacturing. Control checks are documented and are recorded.

The application of this management system is maintained and is a part of day to day operations.

Technical Service
HAZ Metal designs and produces quality fixing systems targeted to high end construction projects. Through constant improvements in product design, production methods and new product programs, the company strives to offer better solutions and services for the needs of their customers who are active in the ever demanding construction industry.

HAZ Metal is committed to pursuing internal investment and advancement in personnel through constant training. With this, the company is determined to provide the highest level of service to their prospective clients.


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